How To Involve Your School And Be Adopted By A Kid’s Choice Foundation!

Here are the guidelines:

Bossier Parish Districts – Elementary grade only.

Selection for the year 2013 will be from the Principal’s of our Bossier Parish Schools; meaning, Principals and Assistant Principals will  select up to 3 of their teachers from their school, that they feel will help their school benefit from Landmark’s Learning Strategies from the Outreach Summer Program that will begin in July of 2013.

Make sure that your school will be dedicated and understands what A Kids Choice Foundation is about.  This is a huge commitment as well as a big honor to be selected.  I ask that you have a meeting within your school first to be sure your team is on board!

There could be as many as 3 schools adopted, in one given school year, saying that, at least 3 teachers will be chosen from each school to attend The Landmark School’s Outreach Program outside of Boston!

If only one school gets selected in a school year term, then 8 teachers will be selected to attend The landmark School’s Outreach Summer Program, from the school A Kids Choice selects to adopt!

The selected school or schools for adoption will receive a nice award, $$$, plus extra gifts that A Kids Choice Foundation is proud to deliver to the entire school! Another special gift that only the 5th graders receive to take with them after they leave elementary to reach their goals.

The selected teachers/educators receive 3 college credits and all expenses paid.

Your commitment back to your school from the week spent at The Landmark Outreach Summer Program,  outside of Boston  and A Kids Choice Foundation is to share your learning experience with your fellow educators and use these many new skills, tools  and strategies in your classroom for all students to achieve their highest potential.

What your adopted school will receive in return:

a)  Grant $$
b)  All expenses paid
c)  Round trip to Boston/SHV
d)  Hotel, transportation to and from Logan Airport
e)  2 meals per day


Denise Bankston,  and share with me why you feel your school should be the next adopted school in Bossier Parish!


Mail to:
A Kid’s Choice Foundation
5029 Sweetwater Drive
Benton, LA  71006

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