It’s back to the books for Bossier Parish students.  Over the summer,

though, it was teachers attending a whirlwind of classes at The Landmark School

out of Boston, Massachusetts, cramming months’ worth of knowledge into just days.

Denise Bankston, founder/Trustee of A Kid’s Choice Foundaton, paid the way for

15 Bossier educators to attend The Landmark Outreach Summer Institute.  The

Outreach Summer Program offers ore than 30 seminars and graduate courses that

help educators hone their teaching skills and empower them in their classrooms.

Patricia Kimbrough, who is at Carrie Martin Elementary and Kelli Aiello, a teacher at

Legacy Elementary, attended Landmark last yea.  They chose to return with this year’s

group, and paid the difference, for a week-long course that earned them three college


Also attending from Legacy were Kim Slack and Lisa Smith Ashley Grantham, Bossier

Elementary; Bonita Huggins and Laura Selsor, Curtis Elementary; Shawn Fields, Julie

Templin, Stacy Barry, MichaelAnne Behrens, Debbie Vanderpool, Leslie Hadwin and

Samantha Bailey from Meadowview Elementary; and Kelli Rehak from W.T. Lewis.

Landmark Outreach instructor Ann Larsen guided Bossier educators through a course

that deived into the characteristics of language-based learning disabilities.  They also

learned how to best help students with these learning challenges achieve reading

fluency, how to take them from writing sentences to paragraphs to essays, and

how to help them develop study skills.

Bankston’s own son struggled with dyslexia and dysgraphia in school.  It wasn’t until

she found The Landmark School that he experienced a breakthrough, enabling

him to not only graduate from high school but also college.  Now, Bankston is on a

mission to introduce Bossier educators to the teaching methods that helped her son

excel, so other students like him can do the same.

Bossier Schools thanks Denise Bankston for being such an inspiration and benefactor,

not just to the 15 teachers who were awarded this educational opportunity, but to the

countless students who will benefit from the knowledge they gained and will pass on

for years to come.

A Kid's Choice Foundation


A Kid's Choice Foundation