I’m, Denise Bankston, the founder of A Kids Choice Foundation.   I would like to welcome you to my website.  Please explore our videos that are from our local news stations, our photos from the 3 schools we have adopted, Curtis Elementary, Meadowview Elementary and Legacy Elementary throughout the last 2 years.  The articles from the Bossier Press Tribune and The Shreveport Times, Voices.

We are actively involved with The landmark Schools Outreach Summer Program out of Boston, MA, sending 8 educators every summer for one week, to help broaden their thinking about how to help students learn by providing the bridge that links teachers with the evidence-based practices that improve a students outcome.  The Landmark School does not deliver pre-packaged programs, they challenge teachers to understand the nature of language-based learning difficulties and find ways to make evidence-based practices work in their own classrooms. Educators who work with Landmark report significant increases in knowledge about LBLD and confidence in implementing language-based instruction.

I give you my testimony of Landmark School’s ability to help our children, I am a parent myself, who went on a mission to find that school that could help my son with severe dyslexia/dysgraphia as our public schools gave us no hope.  Through this journey, my son not only graduated from High School in 2005, but he went on to graduate from college in 2010.  My son succeeded when the odds were against him.

My goal is for our community to be supportive and spread the word that A-Kids-Choice Foundation is here to help our children/students and to provide more insight to help all students succeed in a classroom!

Denise Bankston